who are we?

Our Story

Our story begins in the year 2006 in Heidenheim an der Brenz. As a small engineering office with a team of only four people we mainly offer development and consulting services in the Automotive area. We take care of different businesses for our customers and are able to cover a wide spectrum from supplier management to creation of specifications.

Starting 2008 we work on the development of drive systems via DC motors which are equipped with an anti-trap protection according to EU and US standards. We enter the series production for the first time between 2009 and 2010 as we supply comprehensive control units in the automotive sector which are produced by our EMS partner.

2013 we expand our product range. We start with inhouse production of our own control units for motorsports. Furthermore, we also supply industrial equipment which our EMS partner produces.

Since 2018 we are intensively working in series production with our entire team. Together with our EMS partner we additionally manufacture control units for applications in the area of office equipment.

In 2020 we established a second site in Traunreut, Bavaria where we developed a new product as part of a technology project. In the long term, we want to pool our technological expertise there.

Our vision: Bsafer stands for customized, client-oriented solutions, which we are able to realize particularly well thanks to our familiar atmosphere. We are thoroughly aware of our responsibility to society, the environment and our own employees, which is why we value innovative and inspiring work. Sustainability, trust and reliability are of great importance to us, because we feel that we can only achieve long-term goals together witch our customers and suppliers.


Our mission: As our customers enablers we view it as our duty to stand beside them and support them with individual, high-quality solutions to raise their market worth. It is our aspiration to always serve satisfied customers. We have set our aim high as we wish to contribute to the digitalization of Europe with innovative approaches while we support our customers on his journey to digitalization to the best of our ability.


Our strategy: Our big advantage is our high flexibility due to our familiar atmosphere. This enables us to constantly work close with our customers so we can react swiftly if problems of wishes arise. We always approach Of course the best outcomes are achieved if you are working with a balanced and motivated team. Therefore, we value an inspiring working atmosphere, a high work-life balance as well as challenging tasks with which our team can identify and grow on.

Mission Statement


[be'safer] - we as a supplier stand for competence and knowhow in




We continuously pick up our competences in sensor technology, electronics and actuating elements which we acquired over the years whilst working in vehicle safety. The familiar handling of vehicle manufacturers, their system supplier and OEM-customers requires exceptionally high experience in project management. These acquired competences were especially useful when we started expanding our product portfolio covering the industrial sector as well as motorsports. The complex execution and coordination of assignments is carried out under the agreement of the constant search for best-practice solutions. Only like that it is possible to make a successful conversion into competitive series production parts happen.


Long-term experience in this area, paired with creative innovation capacity, outstanding commitment and great reliability make the precise realization of your visions possible.