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You are looking for a partner to realize your own mechatronics project? We are your perfect match to provide you with the Electronics Part of your project!


No matter if its merely an Embedded-Development or the production and supply of the complete electronics - we can always offer you the perfect business model!

For most of our customers we work as enablers. We are not that visible in doing so as we are seamlessly interacting with our customers or our customers’ customers, respectively.


We have no own brand – but we are not going for that! We are heading to strengthen our customer’s brand!



Automotive DC motor controller-

Configure your own motor controller for your specific application in just a few days with our free complete set. You receive a control unit and an intuitive GUI with which you can implement your project within a very short time.


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Digital transformation and agility-


THE mantra of the 20s? Or is it a holistic approach to sustainability?


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App development:


Are you looking for a desktop app or mobile app for your embedded device or IoT system with the purpose to visualize, monitor and control your product? We offer customized solutions according to your need. We develop GUI applications for wireless (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC etc.) and wired (UART, I2C, SPI, USB) interfaces.


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Coming soon:


our new automotive controller for various DC-motor applications.


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