We make the impossible possible.


Our control units which are designed for up to three motors to electrically move a lifting system can be cascaded classically via cables or via Wi-Fi to ensure wireless driving. We are currently developing an alternative option to the traditional HMI in form of an app called „Smart-GUI“ which will allow to move the system via Bluetooth.


At the moment we are developing a product for marine applications. The product can be installed aboard a ship where it is able to determine specific status information via various sensors. The device will be able to communicate through an app which will include the ability to share the data with a social media community. The app and the device will communicate via Bluetooth.


Our device might be especially interesting for insurance or charter companies as it can help them to keep a good overview over their fleet. In using the recorded status information of the ships, it is possible to get to the bottom of an insurance claim much easier as the data can be sent from the device to the server anytime via Wi-Fi. If at any time an internet connection shouldn’t be available the data can simply be sent at a later time. The device can save data for an extended period of time. Not only commercial companies but also a private individual who wishes to charter their boat can benefit greatly from our device.

Our app „Smart-GUI“ will enable our customers to easily operate the lifting system with their smartphone or tablet. With the app the customer can parametrize the device or with a few user-friendly steps run a diagnosis. For safety reasons it won’t be possible to operate the system with the app from a distance. To ensure the smartphone or tablet can only interact with the device once the user is in close proximity it is possible to utilize a stationary two-factor authorization system.


For the above-mentioned maritime product, we also wish to provide an app which will be especially interesting for our end customers. The recorded data of the vessel can be put together into a logbook, they can be shared on social media platforms and sailing communities. The device will be configurable via the app at any time.



Our newest product in the sensor family is an inertial sensor module for our lifting system which is able to reliably determine collisions of precisely these systems.


Moreover, we are currently starting with the development of sensor modules which are able to determine stationary status information.